SP32S3_PMOD is a standalone interface module from the ESope Platform series. As a highlight, the board offers a number of pre-built interfaces, such as PMOD/I²C, PMOD/SPI, PMOD/UART and a long-range Wi-Fi antenna via optional PMOD-compatible boards.

Optional sensor modules are easy to attach and quickly ready for use. In this way, your own ESP32 applications can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. 

ESP32S3_PMOD also comes with demo software, which can be used to configure access to the board's website, among other things.

In addition, an extensive software library is provided. This means that your own applications or prototyping can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

The board is programmed and powered via the micro USB socket.

Datasheet   Schematics + Step-Files SW-Framework esopublic (GitHub)